Agtek Earthwork 4D

Agtek’s earthwork estimating software has played a key role in keeping Ironclad’s ability to accurately estimate a project over the years from Sitework 98, to Earthwork 3D, to their latest suite Earthwork 4D. The ability to pull information directly off a projects CAD file or .PDF of the print helps to eliminate the days of human error from manually digitizing in prints from paper along with their detailed layer comparison and 3D modeling, but what sets Agtek’s program apart from the rest is their ability to put this information into the real world. Earthwork 4D gives Ironclad the ability to export the renderings, volume calculations, and even the prints themselves and align them up to the real world maps in Google Earth allowing us to show the customer a more tangible view of the upcoming project. This transitions even one step further using Agtek’s mobile app, SmartPlan, which allows us to take the same information and walk the site in real time, better preparing us for the challenges ahead.

Agtek 4D Ravenwood
Agtek 4D Google Earth Rav