GPS/Machine Control


A project’s plans are only as good as the contractor can implement them and Ironclad has realized this throughout the years. In keeping up with the latest technology, Ironclad uses TOPCON GPS and Machine Control systems. TOPCON’s GNSS products offer superior performance through the broad array of patented technologies and calculating highly accurate positions in 3D, from the HiPerV Base/Rover, to the 3D-MC2 Dozer grade control, to the X-63 Excavator system of which we have invested in. Addtionally, TOPCON’s grade control systems have unmatched grading speed, flexibility, and accuracy allowing us to not only speed up production, but make sure it is done right the first time. Ironclad also has a good working relationship with our TOPCON dealer, TOPCON Solutions, along with heavy equipment manufacturers, e.g. John Deere. These relationships enable us to not only keep up with current technologies but help shape some of the technologies and changes to come, bringing ever more accurate and efficient production and solutions to our customers.