Field Documentation


With every company comes a mountain of paperwork from Time and Material tickets, to testing reports, to time off requests. As many companies have embraced the digital document age, Fluix an internet and mobile based app, has allowed Ironclad to do this as well. Not only does Fluix help keep down the cost from the printing forms, but also in the time it takes for those forms to be turned in and to the right person. Whether it be acquiring a missed signature in the field or adjusting an amount on a T&M ticket, Fluix allows us do this in mintues instead of days, helping us to keep production up and costs down.


FieldEase, a module in ComputerEase accounting software, eliminates the often costly mistakes that come from using paper to track the time of a company’s employees. The app or web-based program’s abilites, not only allows time to be entered and sent in real-time, but also keeps errors down while facilitating better communication between the office and field. FieldEase directly syncs to ComputerEase and however the project has been setup by the office, the field has to follow. Additionally, notes, daily production numbers, current stock, field invoices, and even photos can be sent instantly back to the office helping to keep documentation more accurate in real time.